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Excessive CompatTelRunner.exe activity on Eset update

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After update to the latest Eset, Microsoft CompatTelRunner.exe runs very long at near 100% CPU and very active disk usage after EACH Eset minor dbs update. Never seen this before, but it looks now Eset updates trigger CTLR activity typical when a new unknown program is installed. Why such change happen, how fundamental are hourly Eset updates to trigger CTLR, and is there a way to selectively disable Windows Compatibility Telemetry triggering only after Eset updates?

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Does anyone experience similar issue? Any suggestions? It happens when internet is switched on after several hours offline.

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Never had similar issues, but you can safely disable or delete all the scheduled tasks and set group policies referred at the "useless" compattelrunner.




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When CompatTel is running, this is a prompt for me to investigate in Event Viewer if some unauthorized malware was installed. So disabling it completely is not a good option, unless I can disable it for Eset updates ONLY. Also, on older PCs CompatTel is helpful in prompting Microsoft to adapt its new code to old device drivers not updated for many years by the device manufacturer, which may cause blue screen otherwise, so its questionable if this tool is "useless".

It might be Eset adapted minor module updates several times daily, which triggers CompatTel to run at each Eset DB & Module update. Not really a good idea, it causes unbearable activity by CompatTel at each update. Weekly Eset module updates would be more reasonable.

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On 11/3/2021 at 2:13 PM, SamBul27 said:

so its questionable if this tool is "useless".

The bottom line is CompatTelRunner.exe is Windows telemetry. Whereas some of its processing is beneficial, most of it falls into the Microsoft data harvesting catagory. If you value your privacy and system performance, its use should be restricted as noted above and in this article: https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-high-cpu-disk-usage-by-compattelrunner-exe/ .

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