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Forward Ports Battle.net - Eset Smart Security

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The ports to forward on applications to make 'world of warcraft' work are on the sites below


>> https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-proxy-router-and-port-configuration


>> hxxp://portforward.com/cports.htm (scroll to 'world of warcraft')



How to enable ports for each of the application files given to make it work; I can add them but...  *in* and/or *out* and *local* or *remote*? Im not sure about that. Don't want to enable more than necessary ;)






no trouble to open the needed ports in the router

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99% of the time it's not your software firewall causing the issue. It's your hardware firewall. I play WOW and other games with no issues. You may need to port forward your router not Eset. What kind of issues are you having?

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@Arakasi  I have deleted old warcraft port forwarding in ESET put it to interactive and started playing. Few ports are forwarded now and I have had no issues with portforwarding yet. :huh:  Btw playing the the beta (draenor) besides the regular game. Seems it's 'working like intended' (blizzard™) for now. 


@Labview707 At the moment everything seems to be working and I dont want to change a winning team (yet). When more trouble pops I will return here and ask for some more help..



Thanks for replies!



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