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Av-Comparatives: Supplementary Report To The File Detection Test Of March 2014


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av-comparatives: Supplementary Report to the File Detection Test of March 2014


"Let us imagine that Product A detects 99% of malware samples in the test,
but that the 1% of samples not detected are very widespread, and that the average
user is quite likely to encounter them. Product B, on the other hand, only detects 98% of samples,
but the samples missed are either not as prevalent, or only run on a specific operating system.
In this case, users would probably be more at risk using Product A, as it misses more of the malware
that is likely to present a threat to them."

Good point and very interesting test result.

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I'll happily take product B in the example above. It is an often overlooked aspect to AV tests.

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Thanks for the report, very interesting data there. That it is commissioned by Microsoft is also interesting in a way ;)

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