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Report/printout of policy settings available and applied

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Report/printout of policy settings available and applied


We need a report so we can produce information for clients who have to provide information for Auditors/Regulators on AV Policies being applied in their environments.

I need to be able to provide a print out (or pdf, etc.) all of the settings available in a policy, and which are being used, or have had settings applied.

Support tells me "we don't have a print option for that, you would have to open up every part of the policy and grab screenshots".... that could run to dozens of screen shots PER POLICY in some cases. and if a setting(s) were changed in a policy, we are back to screen shots again.

Also, for some customers, we may have to provide details of multiple policies to meet the requirements of their regulators.... with potentially repeated screen shots needed for any changes that have to be made.

W manage a rang of MSP services for our clients and reporting of this nature is generally available on other systems due to its necessity for providing information in a timely and efficient manner.

Currently the "screenshot solution" puts the reporting system in the IT Stone age

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I'm afraid that the only way how to accomplish it currently is by taking screenshots. It is possible that this feature will be included in one of the future versions of ESET PROTECT since it's been requested by some other users for auditing as well and it's already tracked as a request.

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