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Server Network Protection V8.0 not Functional at 2008R2

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Hi Dears,

We find a bug in Server Security V8.0 on Server 2008 R2.

In These two situations Network Protection will not work any more :

1- Upgrading FS 7.3 (with Enabled Network Protection) to 8.0 => it will remove Network Protection Module and even modify installer will not work any more.

2- Installed Server Security V8 : if we modify an installed Version to enable Network protection , it will not work any more.


Notice : If we install Server Security 8.0 manually in modify mode , Network protection will work . But in 2 above situation Network protection will not work any more and the message "Anti-phishing protection is not Functional " will appear. We must remove Server Security and Restart Server and Install it manually to Enable Network protection.

info : Update Patch Windows6.1-KB2664888-v2-x64.msu in installed









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It is probably a known bug that has been fixed already and will be addressed in the next version of ESSW. However, that bug manifested during repair, not upgrade so I'd suggest raising a support ticket with ESET.

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9 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Did you run a component installation? The thing is that neither Network protection nor Web access protection is installed on Windows Server 2008 by default.

We deploy V8.0 Msi with software install task. Or with some deployment tools like PDQ Deploy.

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