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How to stop a running start-up scan via cloud console

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A pc linked to our cloud network has not been turned on for a while as it was not used. It now requires some modifications but upon startup a scan initiated. This apart from the usual updates makes the pc quite unresponsive. 

What is the best way to stop a running scan?   I tried to run a command to pause protection (ecmd /setfeature onaccess pause) but this probably only becomes relevant after the scan is finished. I can't seem to find a command to abort a scan remotely?

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In case someone else is interested, it seems 
"Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel or stop a running task. It will timeout at some point if the execution was interrupted in a way that a response was not possible (for example, a system restart)."  

A bit disappointing as in this case the status as shown in the task will often show something as running when in fact the scan was aborted midway and is no longer active.


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