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Web control - Category groups - save problem

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Hello, I use ESET Protect 8.1.1223.0/Web Console When I mark whole category (for example Alcohol and Tobacco) then is not possible save that settings. If I tick only Alcohol or Tobacco separatelly, saving works fine. I tried it with another categories but the same result. I cannot mark catogory from root, because then I cannot save it.
I try it on latest Chrome and Edge.

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6 hours ago, Marcos said:

A module with a fix is being gradually distributed to all users.

HI Marco, May i know the module with a fix need to distributed to every client or simply a update for the PROTECT Server ? We rolled back to PROTECT 8 due we lost the Full Web Report after the Major Update, it affected more than 700 Users in our company, and our Top Management not happy with that. However we unable to create a new Group category when we rolled back to PROTECT 9.

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