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Question about the built-in proxy server


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I was wondering what would be the best solution for me who requires a system wide VPN or proxy; so that all apps and outgoing communication are forced to use the proxy or VPN -

I have access to my VPN apps desktop app which can use IKEvs, OpenVPN or Wireguard or should I use my subscription credential and implement via set proxy extension?

As I said main concern is to ensure best I can that all apps etc are all forces to use the proxy. But obvs which ever is most efficient would be welcomed too. 


Can anyone suggest what the best option would be?

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7 hours ago, Marcos said:

If I understand correctly, this question is not related to ESET's products, is it?

It is,  maybe if I rephrase the post to ask: what protocols does eset proxy manager use and does the proxy work across the entire operating system?

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