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No option to disabled License Auto-Renew !

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  • ESET Staff

@cutting_edgetech Let me apologize for the confusion here. If you've had difficulty in disabling autorenew for a license you bought in the past, that was never our intention. Thank you for the feedback. I'm working with my colleagues to locate your account, however if you would like to DM me the email associated with the licenses you want to disable autorenew on, I will be happy to make the change. It only takes a moment. 

Please, in the future, if you have questions related to licensing feel free to contact our Customer Success department at 1 (866) 343-3738, option 1-option 1 again. I believe you'll find it the most direct means of resolving this type of issue. Finally, we are constantly working with our UX and Legal team to improve the auto-renew experience and will take into consideration the things you point out here. 

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