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Is Posibble to forward access MDM/MDC server with Nginx or HAproxy ?


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I want to forward access to the MDC/MDM server so that it can be accessed on a public network, I found a problem when I continue to access the MDC/MDM enrolment using HAproxy or Nginx.

while in some services the same or similar can be done with these tools, does the MDM/MDC server allow continued access using the HAproxy or Nginx tools and represent SSL with these tools?

and if possible, is there a clue to be able to forward access to the MDM/MDC server?

sorry my bad english, thank you.

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  • ESET Staff


Only TLS not aware (just port forwarding without traffic introspection) is supported on both ports.

9980 (by default enrollment port) allows for reverse/application proxy.

9981 (by default mdm port) requires client certificate authentication and thus supports only port forwarding.



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