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Do I need to reactivate when change hard drive

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Currently have ESET Internet Security on Windows 10 desktop system, and due to failing hard drives will be replacing the current 275GB SSD C:/ drive with a 500GB SSD, and also replacing current 1TB HDD D:/ drive with a 1TB SSD about a week later.
Do I need to deactivate ESET when I replace the C:/ drive, or both drives, then reactivate when replaced? I will be using Macrium Reflect to clone the existing drives to the new ones. I already have the replacement SSD for C:/ drive ready to change, but due to freight delays, the replacement for the D:/ drive could be up to another week.



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The best would be if you uninstall ESET with the computer connected to the Internet  and then install and activate it on the new drive. If that's not possible, you can free the license unit via the License manager at my.eset.com.

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