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Computer has still to be rebooted after a small update

Thomas F.

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Today I noticed that 100% of our ESET clients are no longer up to date. I thought I read here once that from 8.x on, updates are performed after an optional reboot and automatic. However, that does not seem to be the case.

After doing the update manually on two clients (from v8.1.2031.0 to v8.1.2037.2), I see a message that I should reboot the PC "to remain protected". I thought this should not happen anymore? A test with EICAR showed that downloads and also saving an EICAR file created using an editor are prevented. So, why this message?

If I run the update in general, I get dozens of messages and calls again from people asking if they really need to restart their PCs.



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If you ran a software install task to upgrade Endpoint to the latest v8.1.2037, a restart will always be required.

A restart is not required for the so-called uPCU updates, e.g. if you have an older version of Endpoint v8 and it's configured for auto-update. In such case it would download uPCU to the latest v8.0 which would install after the next computer restart.

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6 hours ago, Command IT said:

So is the upgrade from 8.1.2031.0 to 8.1.2037 classed as uPCU ? and it should just roll out at some point?

It will roll out after like a month or two. The difference is that if you update manually, it will (most likely) show a warning that you need to reboot for all changes to take effect. With the uPCU update, there's no warning that you need to reboot, but it still won't take effect after you reboot.

We have some computers that are only restarted every 2-3 months or longer. Was hoping that the uPCU update didn't require a reboot.

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