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I have questions about cloud protection and business account?


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Hola, tengo una cuenta eset en la nube protegida y otra que sincroniza el dispositivo con la cuenta comercial.

El problema que tengo es que para aplicar las políticas, debo hacerlo desde la consola local donde instalo eset, tuve que instalar eset sin conexión ya que el live me pareció un mensaje de falla de conexión, así que no entiendo por qué el dispositivo no se muestra en la cuenta de protección en la nube para poder aplicar las políticas desde la consola web y no localmente, en la cuenta de eset bussines si me aparece el dispositivo.


I have an eset account in protect cloud and the other that synchronizes the device with the business account.

The problem I have is that to apply the policies, I must do it from the local console where I install eset, I had to install eset without connection since the live seemed to me a connection failure message, so I do not understand why the device is not shown in the protect cloud account to be able to apply the policies from the web console and not locally, in the eset bussines account if the device appears to me.

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First of all, since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English.

Please clarify what the issue is. Is it that you don't see your endpoint in the ESET PROTECT Cloud console?

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I can manage the terminal locally and I want to apply the policies from the protect cloud web console.

I'm sorry, this is the offline installer installer, since the other one that is downloaded directly from the protect cloud web, I had a connection error to install.


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  • ESET Staff

If you have installed just the endpoint using the "offline installer", you are missing an ESET Management Agent, which is the component that communicates with the protect console. You should generate a new installer from protect console, that includes "agent only" and try to install it. If it fails, it means it can´t download the required components, and it might be a network issue. 

EBA sees the device as it reports just the information from the licensing server, and uses different channel for communication than ESET PROTECT. 

agent only.jpg

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