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Reenabling Firewall post update rollout


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After rolling out an updated version of ESET Protect across my machines, most of them flag up with a warning - the firewall being disabled.

My colleagues have told me that this could be solved with a reboot, but for most machines this doesn't seem to solve the issue. Therefore, I'm left with a number of machines with this warning.

Is there any way to either push a command for the firewall to be reenabled across these machines? 




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Please provide more details about how you installed or upgraded Endpoint when the warning appeared. Provide the entire warning since it's cut in the screen shot. Also provide a screen shot of the Protection status screen of Endpoint that reports the warning. Did you install ESET Endpoint Security via RDP?

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Endpoint was upgraded by using a task to install 8.1.2037.2, this was then rolled out to all machines through our ESET server. The security risks are all machines that are yet to update or restart since the update was rolled out as they've not been online - but the machines with attention required are all because the firewall isn't enabled post-update. 



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So you were not connected via RDP or another remote administration tool and didn't install / upgrade Endpoint manually?

Could you post a screenshot of the Protection status window from such Endpoint?

Also please do the following:
- on endpoint where the issue exhibits open the advanced setup and navigate to tools -> diagnostics
- click Create to generate a dump of ekrn
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector
- upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a private message with a download link.

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