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Using Secure Data Feature?

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How can I encrypt a folder in ESET Premium using Secure Data feature, and let the folder ask for password each time I close the file explorer?. 

The issue is that when I enter the password to login to the encrypted folder and close the file explorer and reopen, it opens instantly it's like the password is saved even though I choose the option to not decrypt in this device? is there a way to let the encrypted folder ask for password every time I close the folder?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @Pavilions!

I deeply apologize for the delay in responding to you.

I'm afraid it's not currently possible to force the encrypted folder to prompt for a password each time you access the directory when using ESET Smart Security Premium.

As an alternative solution you may be interested by ESET Endpoint Encryption, as this has more functionality with how it  handles encrypted data. For example, all granular encrypted data can be quickly protected by logging out of the software's "key-file". This prevents anyone from accessing the encrypted data until you enter the key-file password to regain access.

I hope this helps you.

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