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NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID - your connection is not private

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using eset internet security on Win10/64bit

This morning when trying to access our own website I am getting the above error message but only on my own pc. Other pc being connected to the same site using Endpoint security 8.1 via a managed cloud setup are having no issues. 

Looking at the details it appears that for reasons unclear on my pc the certification path for Eset SSL Filter CA is shown as  something.domain.com.au .  The certificate is issued correctly and shown in the cloud based protected pc as www.domain.com.au

The incorrect path is a legacy server that we run for email only but should not be used for website checking. This worked fine until this morning and I have no idea how to reset the certification path.  I did clear the cache last night after having done testing on the website in question wanting to ensure that what I am seeing is fresh and not cached.

If Eset on my pc is now looking for an incorrect certificate (this certificate has expired or is not yet valid) how can I reset this to look for the correct path?

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