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Website Blocked Notifications

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I want an email when a client attempts to download an executable. We are using URL Address Management in Web & Email via /era/webconsole/#id=POLICIES to block executable downloads. I have tried configuring notifications via /era/webconsole/#id=NOTIFICATIONS, but haven't stumbled on the correct solution.

We block the download, the client sees:

Website blocked
  The web page is on the list of blocked websites specified by the user.
  Access to it has been blocked.


Please help

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An email notification can be sent when a threat has been detected but I don't think you can do it for blocked urls. Moreover, it's not possible to reliably block executables; download links may not necessarily end with ".exe".

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Thank Marcos, what is the best way to make the email notification a successful feature request?

Our block list looks like this:

# {"product":"endpoint","version":"8.1.0","path":"plugins.01000200.settings.stProtocolFiltering.stUrlLists.2.strAddresses"}

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