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Detection Engine and Modules Updates - where are they Served From?

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I am noticing that some of our ERA clients are not connecting to the server in days but the accompanying End Point Software is showing that it is up-to-date on the local laptop.  Under Protection Status I see: Modules are up to date with a timestamp of today.  When I look at the event log I see: Detection engine was successfully updated and Server not found both timestamped today.

My question is, if the ERA agent can't connect with the server, where is the End Point getting it's updates from?

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What version of ERA are you using? I'm asking cause all versions of the legacy ERA up to version 6.5 already reached EOL and are unsupported. We strongly recommend upgrading to ESET PROTECT as soon as possible.

As for module updates, they are dowloaded from the locations that you set up. By default our security products update modules from ESET's update servers, however, you can configure the products to update from a local mirror.


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@Marcos our ESMC server and web console are 7.2 and our ERA agents on the laptops are 7.2 as well.  I think you answered my question though because we didn't change any default update locations.


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