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Unable to identify EDTD unlicensed devices


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We have a ESET Protect Cloud tenant where I initially set the EDTD to be activated in the following way: A dynamic group with criteria 'Functionality/Protection problems . Problem is one of {ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is not activated or license is invalid.}' was supposed to capture any devices where EDTD is not activated as we have it enabled in all relevant policies. This was working during our tests so I left it to do its job. However, upon checking now, only 1/3 of the devices are activated. And going through some of the unlicensed ones, I no longer see this error code on any of them. 

Were these error codes removed? If not, do they have any other prerequisite apart from applied policy with EDTD enabled and installed Endpoint Security?

Another question I am struggling with is how to identify systems missing EDTD now? In the reports builder I can easily create a report with systems which have EDTD license applied, however I can't find a way to get as a result only the systems which don't have this license applied.

Apologies for the long post, many thanks.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello. Currently, it is a bit difficult, to determine, which computer has EDTD activated and working. Your are right, that in the past, it worked in the following way: 

  1. You enabled EDTD via policy
  2. If the EDTD was "not activated" on a particular machine, it reported an error 
  3. Based on this error, you can group such machines in a dynamic group 
  4. You can have set "activated EDTD" task on top of such dynamic group that will enable it

Currently, the "error" state was removed, and EDTD does not report that type of error it is not activated. Per my knowledge, this was due to some architectural changes, and moving towards "more proper" reporting of feature states. Last update I got from the developers was, that we are working on a better way, that will be most likely implemented in next releases. 

One IDEA is use "ESET Solutions" tab, and over there you will see, how many have EDTD active, and how many does not have it active. You can click "Deploy", which should do both the enabling, and activation in one step. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, and stay tuned for the updates, when the proper solution gets implemented. 


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Thank you for your response. I am looking forward to this new reporting feature. 

I am having difficulties finding this 'ESET Solutions' tab. I couldn't find it in the dashboards or reports. The only place where I can see a number of EDTD seats is the ESET Business account 'Activated Devices' and then I can export a CSV with all EDTD activated devices, however it is really hard to compare it with the total list of managed systems in order to spot the differences. 

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Hello Michalj,


That's odd, I just checked two different consoles (both entitled for EDTD), and this section is not there at all:

image.png.033dc4aa2e4631538c572f70968e312b.png image.png.0d97b02b182e9027291fe73076064c44.png

Is this section something that has to be manually enabled from somewhere?

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