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New SIM cards detected indefinitely -- "When SIM card is removed" unusable

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I've been trying to get a helpful response from ESET technical support on this since August 30, with no luck. I am a licensed user of ESET Mobile Security and have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 10 and ESET Mobile Security

Whenever I turn on the "When SIM card is removed" setting in Anti-Theft and trust the SIM card, my phone immediately gets locked by ESET Mobile Security.

I unlock it, get prompted to trust the SIM card again, and a short while later, the phone is locked again by ESET.

Each time, I see that a new SIM card has been added to the list of trusted SIM cards, with a new number. There are currently 7 SIM cards "trusted" by ESET Mobile Security, and I've had to disable "When SIM card is removed" to prevent this from happening.


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The Auto-lock feature is not supported on Android 10 due to major changes in the OS. However, we plan to revamp it and make it work even with the latest version of Android.

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Support finally responded to me. Their answer makes no sense, since my phone isn't roaming when this happens.


It looks like your SIM card is a Multi-IMSI SIM Card.

While in roaming mode (does not matter if international or national) IMSI is automatically changed. Since EMSA uses IMSI as unique SIM card identifier, for the app it looks like the SIM card has been changed and that's why phone has been locked.

• National roaming refers to an agreement among operators to use each other's networks to provide services in geographic areas where they have no coverage. ... National roaming is generally simpler and less costly to manage than active infrastructure sharing.

• Multi-IMSI technology allows cloning more GSM SIM cards into one card.

• Multi-IMSI Roaming solution enables operators to provide sponsored roaming services for voice/SMS and data to their partners.

• Multi-IMSI Roaming solution is in use at operators worldwide, including Europe’s largest mobile operator group.

To resolve your issue, you will need to add every SIM card's clone to the list of trusted SIM cards.  You can also contact your phone carrier to assist you with this, or you can also disable the SIM Card Trust feature. 


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I'm just putting this here for future reference, so I can reply in 2 or 3 years when it's still an issue. Here is the conclusion of the support case I had open for this issue:


But my phone isn't roaming when this happens. I just checked and it locked when it clearly said "Not roaming". I'm also always home, literally in my house.

I am now up to 13 trusted SIM cards. [Note: I made it up to nearly 20 SIM cards before giving up completely.]


For illustrated instructions to uninstall or reinstall ESET Mobile Security for Android, visit:

That's the advice I get in response: Nothing in any way related to the bug I had reported. No, "Here's how to uninstall and reinstall, because we KNOW the product is 100.00000000% faultless, and therefore YOU are the problem. Now, deal with it and leave us the hell alone!"

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