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3 pc for 1, reinstallation Windows

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I'd like to know the answer to three related questions :

1/ i'm now using a temporary licence to test "Eset internet security" on my own computer. But i do have issues with windows updates for months, and thinking to leave my computer to a repairman so he can fix everything. As my computer was bought with W8, and updated (with big issues) without my consent to 10, i fear it does the same to 11. If i buy a licence for 3 years, and if i have problems with windows, will i be able to reinstall Eset internet security with the same key, because on the same computer ?


2/ my parents struggle with internet, and i prefer to manage their antivirus. Therefore, i think it will be a good idea to buy 3 licences for 3 years (plus there is a discount on that offer right now), in order to manage their antivirus. If i got the problem described above on my own computer, will i have problem, and will it impact my parent's protection ?


3/ i am using now a temporary licence : if i buy the offer 3 licences for 3 years now (discount : same price as for one licence), will i be able to start using my licence at the end of the temporary licence ? Is it possible to buy it now (as i can't find the day the offer ends), and begin to use is maximum one month later ?


Thanks for the answers, and sorry for the english mistakes !

Please don't use too much complicated words or sentences for the answer, so i can understand :)

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  • ESET Moderators


1. Yes you will be able to use the license after reinstallation and even if you would decide to buy a new computer.

2. It should not anyhow impact you protection of your parent's computers as they are on separate systems.

3. If you buy the license online, it will active right after buying it.

If you need to check the offer I would recommend to contact the your reseller / partner.


I hope I answered all your questions and also hope it will work for you without any issues.


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Thanks for the answer.

I found out that my father's computer already has an antivirus, so i will not buy a new one for him, for now.

If i stil want topurchase the 3 licences, will i be able to use the two first on ma mom's computer and my computer, and the third on my mobile phone ? I've just installed the app "Eset mobile security", but I cannot find if a "Eset internet security" licence will be accepted on the mobile app ?

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5 hours ago, Browkies said:

I've just installed the app "Eset mobile security", but I cannot find if a "Eset internet security" licence will be accepted on the mobile app ?

Unless you purchased a "multi-pack" license which is only offered in select countries, the answer is no. Eset multi-pack license for 5 devices for example, would allow for Mobile Security installation.

You can only optionally install NOD32 instead with an Internet Security license. If you purchased a Smart Security license, you could install Internet Security or NOD32 instead.

For Eset Mobile Security use, you would have to purchased a separate license.

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