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ESET continuous "product update"

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16 minutes ago, Page42 said:

Amen!  And now we await the inevitable "but what are we supposed to do?" responses. 

In reading this, I realize that it sounds a bit ungrateful for the help I receive in this forum.  I apologize if that is the impression I made, because I do appreciate the assistance!

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1 hour ago, New_Style_xd said:

If there is any kind of visual or even flaw in the product, it could send a fix quickly and the agent would download it by updating the modules. no need to wait to be released in a next version.

A problem in gui requires compilation of a brand new version, thorough QA testing of all languages (about 40), releasing the installers on the web and slowly releasing upgrade to the new version via uPCU. This kind of issues cannot be fixed via module updates but requires a new version of the product.

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