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Blown Off By Support The First Time I Asked

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I'm a new user of ESET and after loading a few weeks ago I immediately started having problems:

a) My Windows Media Center TV log would not update. No change after uninstalling and reinstalling WMC. Worked flawlessly before ESET.

b) When I tried to restore to an earlier pre-ESET date, every attempt failed - said "antivirus blocking", even though I had turned off both ESET antivirus and firewall (and unplugged internet)


I sent a query to Support and the amazing response I got was that ESET does not deal with other product problems,,,, to contact those vendors.

Clearly part of my problem was not being able to add to trusted sites, but ESET refused to give me any direction. 

To quote their stellar policy ".....we cannot provide technical support in these areas when the issues are not related to your ESET software.You will need to contact the appropriate software vendor or technician for help in resolving this issue." I wrote back but never got a further reply. 

I've never in 25 years had such an unhelpful response from any other software vendor, most bend over backwards to help a new customer. 

What is the problem with these people?? 


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first of all, let me appologize for improper reaction of the support personell to you query. I wonder if you could relay me the whole communication you've had with support for further investigation. My assumption is that the support personell must have misread your original query and was under the impression that it's an issue of Windows Media Center or Windows itself.

In order to troubleshoot the issue, please disable firewall via gui and protocol filtering in the advanced setup, one at a time and see if the problem goes away. If disabling firewall helps, continue as follows:

- enable advanced pcap logging as well as logging of blocked connections in the IDS setup

- clear your firewall log

- restart your computer

- reproduce the problem

- disable logging

- post your firewall log as well as information about your oper. system and installed modules from the About window



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