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Mobile Device connector licensing question

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Apologies if this question was already answered, but I couldn't find any solid explanation. 

Is the Mobile Device connector available for all business bundles? Is is safe to assume that if you have a ESET Protect Server managing business product you are automatically eligible for Mobile Device Management, or does it require a specific license? According to the documentation the Mobile Device Connector should be licensed with a licensing task, but there is no mention for the license type.

Additionally, how does licensing for the mobile devices work? Are they sharing the same license count as other products? For example under license management I can see separate licenses for ESET Endpoint Security + File Security and ESET Full Disk Encryption, but I don't see any for mobile devices.

Thank you in advance!

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MDC uses - so called - silent license. It should activate the same way as EP server, and does not eat any license from total (license is used just for telemetry and module updates)

Devices use EESA license. You might use EP endpoint license but those are more expensive. Generally licensing for devices works the same way as for other producs.



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