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"Secure browser has been opened"

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I tried to open my bank's website to check a credit card issue and instead landed on a page that said "Secure browser had been opened." It took me quite a while to realize I was now browsing via the ES-ET icon at the bottom of my screen and not the Chrome icon.  (Quite a lot of "where did the page go?!" confusion until I figured it out.)

The thing is, I do not remember setting this feature up, it just started happening on its own. The fact that the "Secure Browser" page itself was UNSECURED (no lock icon in the address bar) was disconcerting. (The page also offered to install this feature on other browsers I might be using.) I'm also wondering if this has anything to do with the fact I was fooled into giving my social number away thinking it was going to the IRS. (I immediately signed up for an Identity Theft protection service once I realized my error.)

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If you have the option to secure all browsers disabled and open a bank website, you should be asked if you want to open it in a secure or standard browser:


Only if you choose to open it in a secure browser and to remember the action, it will be open in the secure browser automatically the next time you open it.

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