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Eset Internet Security

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Eset updated about a week ago to the above version and says its working and I am protected. However, the icon at the bottom of my laptop says update in progress ALL THE TIME and is slowing my laptop down.  When I open Eset it is not updating.  Can anyone help in simple terms please as this is driving me nuts. Thank you

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The icon may spin from 5 to approximately 20 minutes during upgrade, however, it should not have any noticeable effect on performance since the update thread runs with as low priority as possibly. That's why it may take long if other processes utilize the CPU a lot and give only little CPU resources to ESET for update.

If you would like to identify the process that takes your CPU resources, enable advanced operating logging under Tools -> Diagnostics in the advanced setup when the issue is manifesting and stop logging approximately after 3-5 minutes. Then collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide the generated archive for perusal.

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Many thanks for coming back to me Marcos.  I managed to follow your instructions but got lost at Diagnostics. How do I stop logging and collect logs.  I have had your Eset for many years but never had to delve into these files before.  The icon still says Update in Progress constantly and this has never happened before.  Sorry but I need step by step instructions and think possibly you are skipping a part.  I am not very technical.  Would it be easier just to uninstall and start again.  Maybe not on a Public Holiday as it is today as wifi not very good when so many people using internet on a wet day. Thanks

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Problem solved I hope Marcus by re-installing. Although I will mention that the Initial Scan was still scanning after 4.5 hrs so I stopped it. Thank you

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