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Newly created Active Directory users are being activated to use 2FA which is not wanted.

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We have users that are created and removed frequently and need to have better control of when the ESET 2FA is deployed to the new users. ESET 2FA by default enables 2FA for any newly created users and we cannot set up the client's desktop as an Admin with that in effect.

Is there a way to disable the automatic on rules for newly created AD accounts that may be enabled later?

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It is possible. For more information, please read https://help.eset.com/esa/30/en-US/self_enrollment.html

In particular:

Default authentication types

To assign new users (either imported or created automatically upon first login to an environment protected by ESA) an authentication method by default, enable the desired authentication method in the ESA Web Console in Settings > Enrollment > Default authentication types.

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