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My esset does not acces live grid

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I have no idea what to do ,  I had open ports , still every so often I get it,   I run PIA but never had this problem before the last update,  I am not so computer savoy and I need simple explanation what to do with it .  Simple please ,  I am grandma and have nobody to help me with the problem.  Thank you so much



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Not sure what PIA is. Basically the problem is that ESET cannot access LiveGrid servers. If you are able to browse websites and other network-aware applications work alright, it could be that the firewall in the router is configured to block certain IP addresses. Is your computer connected to the Internet through a modem and / or router?

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Hi Marcos,  PIA is Private Internet Access = VPN,   I opened all ports Esset  required.  I am connected through Ethernet cable Modem  Cisco I think .  I have no problem to access any pages,  I am using VPN for like 7 years and probably ten years Esset products,  It started to happen after the last update few days ago


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Definitely not all necessary communication with ESET's servers is allowed. Please carry on as follows:

- enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
- reboot the machine
- wait until the notification appears
- disable logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here, if not too big.

The logs should show what communication is being blocked.

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