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updfiles/base_nonnups getting bloated

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It has come to my attention that `/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/modules/data` is getting really bloated... and for some reason "clear update cache" is disabled from the preferences. Is this bloat normal? and just to confirm that theres no negative consequences to delete *.nup?


/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/modules/data$ du -h
219M	./backup
4.0K	./cache
 12G	./updfiles/base_nonnups
1.8M	./updfiles/continuous
212K	./updfiles/http_185.94.157.10
212K	./updfiles/http_38.90.226.39
212K	./updfiles/http_91.228.166.13
212K	./updfiles/http_91.228.166.16
204K	./updfiles/http_91.228.167.133
212K	./updfiles/http_um02.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um03.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um05.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um13.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um14.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um15.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_update.eset.com
105M	./updfiles/oldfiles
916K	./updfiles/reverse
  0B	./updfiles/temp
 12G	./updfiles
 13G	.


Relates to


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  • Administrators

Please list the files along with the size in the ./updfiles/base_nonnups folder. For some reason you have 12 GB of files there. I have 2 files there which are 66 MB in total.

You can delete the content of the updfiles folder manually but let us first check the content of the folder.

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Not sure whats the best way to dump all the dir, but here it goes...

/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/modules/data$ du -h ./updfiles/*
 12G	./updfiles/base_nonnups
1.8M	./updfiles/continuous
1.1M	./updfiles/em001_64_l0.nup
256K	./updfiles/em001_64_l1.nup
4.0K	./updfiles/em001_64_l2.nup
1.7M	./updfiles/em003_64_l0.nup
2.4M	./updfiles/em004_64_l0.nup
456K	./updfiles/em005_64_l0.nup
7.1M	./updfiles/em017_64_l0.nup
744K	./updfiles/em017_64_l1.nup
 20K	./updfiles/em017_64_l2.nup
120K	./updfiles/em020_64_l0.nup
140K	./updfiles/em020_64_l1.nup
 48K	./updfiles/em020_64_l2.nup
360K	./updfiles/em022_64_l0.nup
172K	./updfiles/em022_64_l1.nup
 16K	./updfiles/em029_64_l0.nup
 56K	./updfiles/em029_64_l1.nup
 44K	./updfiles/em029_64_l2.nup
1.6M	./updfiles/em037_64_l0.nup
104K	./updfiles/em040_64_l0.nup
 40K	./updfiles/em040_64_l1.nup
100K	./updfiles/em040_64_l2.nup
280K	./updfiles/em042_64_l0.nup
1.4M	./updfiles/em045_64_l0.nup
212K	./updfiles/http_185.94.157.10
212K	./updfiles/http_38.90.226.39
212K	./updfiles/http_91.228.166.13
212K	./updfiles/http_91.228.166.16
204K	./updfiles/http_91.228.167.133
212K	./updfiles/http_um02.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um03.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um05.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um13.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um14.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_um15.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/http_update.eset.com
212K	./updfiles/lastupd.ver
 28K	./updfiles/nod0524.nup
768K	./updfiles/nod3EFF.nup
 30M	./updfiles/nod6AE3.nup
212K	./updfiles/nod6B4C.nup
176K	./updfiles/nod7B79.nup
1.7M	./updfiles/nod7E39.nup
 96K	./updfiles/nod9507.nup
1.8M	./updfiles/nodA3F8.nup
5.9M	./updfiles/nodCD5D.nup
176K	./updfiles/nodD7A0.nup
 76K	./updfiles/nodD84A.nup
 65M	./updfiles/nodE4A4.nup
  0B	./updfiles/oldfiles
916K	./updfiles/reverse
  0B	./updfiles/temp
212K	./updfiles/upd.ver

ls ./updfiles/base_nonnups/ | wc -l
ls ./updfiles/continuous/ | wc -l

du -h ./updfiles/base_nonnups/* | sort -n -r | head -n 10
 65M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nodDF41.nup
 65M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nodAE3E.nup
 65M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nod8D21.nup
 65M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nod2850.nup
 65M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nod125C.nup
 65M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nod0F99.nup
 29M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nodE018.nup
 29M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nodB886.nup
 29M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nodA601.nup
 29M	./updfiles/base_nonnups/0_nod733F.nup
.... all 675 of them

du -h ./updfiles/continuous/* | sort -n -r
644K	./updfiles/continuous/nodF8F8.nup
236K	./updfiles/continuous/nod37B5.nup
164K	./updfiles/continuous/nod268E.nup
156K	./updfiles/continuous/nodB47D.nup
124K	./updfiles/continuous/nod014F.nup
120K	./updfiles/continuous/nodA0B9.nup
116K	./updfiles/continuous/nod4111.nup
104K	./updfiles/continuous/nodC4AD.nup
 80K	./updfiles/continuous/nod88FF.nup
 44K	./updfiles/continuous/nod7517.nup
 44K	./updfiles/continuous/nod3566.nup
 40K	./updfiles/continuous/nod9F7C.nup
 12K	./updfiles/continuous/nod6FD9.nup

du -h ./backup/* | sort -n -r
776K	./backup/em019_64-1600.dat.bak
416K	./backup/em005_64-1353.dat.bak
388K	./backup/em022_64-1122.dat.bak
344K	./backup/em042_64-2309.dat.bak
212K	./backup/em000_64-1140.dat.bak
188K	./backup/em052_64-1019.dat.bak
160K	./backup/em020_64-1075.dat.bak
112K	./backup/em040_64-1027.dat.bak
 68M	./backup/em002_64-50369.dat.bak
 67M	./backup/em002_64-50411.dat.bak
 56K	./backup/em029_64-1029.dat.bak
 30M	./backup/em023_64-25468.dat.bak
 30M	./backup/em023_64-25426.dat.bak
6.5M	./backup/em017_64-1962.dat.bak
6.5M	./backup/em017_64-1960.dat.bak
4.0K	./backup/db.xml
4.0K	./backup/config.xml
2.6M	./backup/em004_64-1209.dat.bak
1.9M	./backup/em003_64-1385.dat.bak
1.6M	./backup/em037_64-1190.dat.bak
1.5M	./backup/em045_64-1063.dat.bak
1.4M	./backup/em001_64-2217.dat.bak


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  • Administrators

If the big nup files in the base_nonnups folder are not removed automatically with the latest version of ESET installed and after deleting the content of the updfiles folder, please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.

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