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ESET ver Problem with Task Schedule

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Wondering why my weekly scan did not seem to run - I investigated the settings only to discover that my instruction to scan weekly at 5:00 PM shows scan at 5:00 PM Fridays Next scan 3:00AM on 21/08/2021!  that equates to 3:00 AM next Saturday not 5:00 PM Friday.

I have been a user for at least 12 years with ESET  and have always had an automatic scan at the correct time of 5:00 but lately have noticed no scan occurring.  I only just updated today to Ver. but I have noticed this for a few weeks now so it may not be solely related to this latest version.

It is almost like ESET  is not following my local computer time but using US or European time???

Anyone else had this problem?


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Please try removing the scheduled task and re-creating it from scratch. Should the problem persist, open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor for further troubleshooting.

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