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Public facing ESMC - port 2222

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We self-host ESET Security Management Center, forwarding only port 2222 to the ESMC box, all other activities are restricted to the local LAN.

Anyone care to describe how safe we are from the evil-doers of the world? We are considering putting ESMC on a VPN, but would like some assurance that this isn't necessary.

Looking at /era/webconsole/#id=DETECTIONS, it is clear evil-doers are trying to penetrate our beloved security system.


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The simple answer is attackers will find and try to exploit any open port at the network perimeter.

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  • ESET Staff

Communication on port 2222 is using mutually authenticated (via certificates) TLS connection, so it should be fairly safe, at least until your certificates are leaked.
We have seen also customers using proxy in between internet and ESMC server as an precaution, but that would possibly prevent only DoS type of attack which would be filtered on the proxy, as it serves just as an forwarder.
Using your own VPN would definitely increase security, especially in terms you will have it under full control - this might be suitable solution especially in case you already employ use of VPN in your infrastructure. Also it might help you to fullfil security compliance, if it is enforced.

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I like the proxy idea, in particular, if we are able to use CloudFlare to proxy the traffic, we would pick up quite a few benefits. For example CloudFlare will block known bad actors, significantly reduce the likelihood of DoS attacks and allow us to easily restrict access to known networks based on ASN &/or geography. The ASN issue is quite helpful, we see some adversaries come in via local Internet providers, however the vast majority attack from overseas or via data centers such as Azure, DIgital Ocean etc.

Is there a step by step recipe for this use case?

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