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Virusradar - Displaying threats in real time

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6 hours ago, cyberhash said:

Fora sendo um pouco de doce de olho, realmente não serviria para nada.
O radar do vírus Eset faz praticamente a mesma coisa com uma página estática.



Good Morning.

I agree with nabeelmansoor's comment, it should have a better modern page like other product solutions, because virusrada it never left the beta, it should improve to have more visibility in the area of digital security. 

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10 hours ago, nabeelmansoor said:


It would be nice to see if ESET's Virusradar website can display threats in real time - similar to Bitdefender's Threatmap (https://threatmap.bitdefender.com/) or Kaspersky's Cybermap (https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/)

The Bitdefender one doesn't seem to let you click anything. It looks nice and flashy but if you can't click into things for more information on specific malware it seems a bit pointless

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