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ESET PROTECT Software Deployment Improvement Suggestion

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We recently ran into an issue where an administrator attempted to do an update of ESET Endpoint Antivirus via the ESET PROTECT console, but in the update task they inadvertently deployed a package for "ESET Endpoint Security". Because we do not have valid licenses for ESET Endpoint Security, this caused a large outage of AV protection, and required remediation. 

We ended up resolving the issue, but the idea came to mind, why is the administrator even allowed to deploy a software package unless valid licenses are present for that software. This creates an opportunity for disruption in an environment, especially considering the long list of software packages with similar names (which may be cut short to "ESET Endpoint..." in the menu due to column size).

I hope ESET can take this improvement request and keep administrators from shooting themselves in the foot. Of course they should double check ahead of time, but history has shown if a mess up is possible by a admin/user/human being, it will occur at some point. This could also help reduce load of support staff.

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