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I verified that eset is not updating the modules listed below:

1 - Update Module: 1023 (20200701)
2 - ESET SysInspector Module: 1281.1 (20210407)
3 - Rootkit Detection and Cleaning Module: 1031.1 (20210401)
4 - Router Vulnerability Scan Module: 1073 (20210422)
5 - Cryptographic Protocol Support Module: 1061 (20210510)

Want to know the real reason why it is not being updated? it's been over 5 months since there's been an update.
Could you tell me the reason why it takes to update these modules? 

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There was no reason to update them. All the mentioned modules were updated at least once this or last year which is perfectly ok since no changes in these modules were needed.

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4 hours ago, New_Style_xd said:

I asked because I was worried that hacks might find faults in the modules as they haven't been updated. 

Generally speaking eset will release updates to fix any bugs, vulnerabilities. These haven't needed any changes or any issues, bugs etc. haven't been found so there isn't any reason to update them. Theoretically anything could have issues that haven't been found yet but I belive Eset will have things in place to avoid issues e.g. it has ifs self defence setting.

The main thing is just make sure you have the latest main version and that your signatures are being updated daily 

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7 horas atrás, Peteyt disse:

O eset de um modo geral liberará atualizações para corrigir quaisquer bugs, vulnerabilidades. Estes não precisaram de alterações ou problemas, bugs etc. não foram encontrados, então não há nenhuma razão para atualizá-los. Teoricamente, qualquer coisa pode ter problemas que ainda não foram encontrados, mas eu vivo Eset terá coisas no lugar para evitar problemas, por exemplo, ele tem se se configuração de autodefesa.

O principal é apenas certifique-se de que você tem a versão principal mais recente e que suas assinaturas estão sendo atualizadas diariamente

Thanks for the clarification on the matter.
If you can let me know where to stay on top of news and product updates from eset or even a video showing how the product works on the pc. or even a video about the eset site here in BRAZIL.

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14 minutes ago, Marcos said:

You can read more about ESET technologies here: https://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/

Or watch a video demonstrating ESET's multilayer protection (this one focused on business products):


1 - Taking advantage of this topic, I would like to know if ESET has relented here in BRAZIL?
2 - There are several types of Brazilian threats that are only detected with Brazilian researchers. as Kaspersky has researchers here in Brazil, so my question is whether ESET also has Brazilian researchers to carry out research on certain attacks that only happen here in BRAZIL.
3- If by chance you have these researchers, could you inform me where this information is, since eset is very well known around the world. 

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  • ESET Insiders

Best I can determine their only office in South America is in Argentina.

Nuestras oficinas | ESET

They do research malware specific to Brazil though;

ESET dissects Vadokrist, a Trojan targeting financial institutions in Brazil | ESET

There are numerous other similar articles revealed by a simple google search;

Janeleiro, the time traveler: A new old banking trojan in Brazil | WeLiveSecurity

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  • ESET Moderators


ESET has regularly published information on Brazilian banking trojans on WeLiveSecurity at https://www.welivesecurity.com/br/ (please note these articles are in Portuguese).

You can reach our tech support in Brazil using the form at https://www.eset.com/br/suporte/contato/ or on Twitter as https://twitter.com/eset_brasil.  ESET also has a distributor in Portugal.  Their contact information may be found at https://www.eset.com/pt/about/contactos/.


Aryeh Goretsky


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