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Displaying on demand scan results.

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Hi, I'm migrating from ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop to ESET PROTECT Essential On-Prem.

In the new product I'm unable to retrieve the on demand scan results.

Such command:
$ /opt/eset/eea/bin/odscan -s --profile "@In-depth scan" --readonly <sample>
$ echo $?

gives no output to stdout. I can see that the scan succeeded based on the return code.
There are also two files created in `/opt/eset/eea/log/ods` folder: `<random_name>.dat`, `<random_name>.stat`.

Is there a way to read the scan results from command line?

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Did you try "lslog --ods-details=%logname%" ?

root@Ubuntu20:/opt/eset/eea/sbin$ sudo ./lslog --help
Usage: lslog [OPTIONS..]
ESET Endpoint Antivirus Logs listing utility

  -f, --follow                   Wait for new logs and append them to the
  -o, --optimize                 Optimize logs.
  -c, --csv                      Print logs in csv format
  -e, --events                   List Event Log records.
  -l, --device-control           List Device control Log records.
  -n, --sent-files               List sent files logs.
  -s, --scans                    List On-demand scan logs.
      --with-log-name            Show additional column with log name in
                                   On-demand scan logs. It can be used for
                                   listing additional information about
                                   On-demand logs.
      --ods-details=log-name     Print details of particular On-demand scan.
      --ods-detections=log-name  Print detections found during particular
                                   On-demand scan.
      --ods-notscanned=log-name  Print files not scanned during particular
                                   On-demand scan.
  -d, --detections               List Detection Log records.
Common options:
  -h, --help                     show help and quit
  -v, --version                  show version information and quit


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Hi Marcos,
Thank you for your quick reply! I've tested it and it works great.

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