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Eset Cyber Security Pro Version 6.0.13 Fix Excessive Logging And Yosemite Compatible?

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Would like to know whether  Eset Cyber Security Pro Version 6.0.13 has fix excessive logging and  is it Yosemite compatible? As the excessive logging isn't documented in the changelog but documented here on the forum with a manual fix done by user (https://forum.eset.com/topic/2324-how-to-disable-systemlog-logging/)

On top of that yosemite has just release a public beta so is Eset compatible with it?


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Hi George,


The logging is useful for when an issue occurs for ESET to diagnose, especially if they can't reproduce the issue themselves. By default, the logs are removed after 90 days by default, are optimised by default, and you can also select filters to hide particular types of records (eg. Critical, Warnings, Errors, etc.). You can change these three things by visiting the preferences window, then clicking on "Log files".


The 'manual fix' is useful if you don't wish to record anything at all, but it does mean that it might be difficult for diagnostics or resolving malware issues, etc.


With Yosemite, I've seen testers successfully run Cyber Security on the Yosemite beta, however with most software it should be officially supported by or shortly after the stable release date of OS X Yosemite in the future.


Update: ESET Cyber Security Pro is now fully compatible with Yosemite.

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