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Hello dar-#c5FDcg5,


First, go to the main GUI, then "Tools > Log files > Personal firewall". Right click in the log window and click "Delete all". (See first screenshot below)...


Second, to keep this from happening again, right click tray icon and click "Advanced setup". Go to "Network > Personal firewall > IDS and advanced options > Troubleshooting" and be sure these are not checked (that is the default setting and should not be checked unless you need to troubleshoot the firewall as logging can make the logs grow to large sizes) (See second screenshot below)...



HTH and feel free to ask more questions if you have any. Let us know if this helps...

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By default, ESS doesn't log almost anything to the firewall log. Given that you have logging of blocked communications disabled, another possibility could be that you enabled logging for rules that are often applied.

I'd suggest booting to safe mode and deleting epfwlog.dat manually. Then start Windows in normal log and check the firewall log to find out what is actually being logged.

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