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how to uninstall eset agent software from LMDE (based on debian) ?

sanjay mehta
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i have installed eset agent software using live agent installer .sh script file on linux mint debian edition (LMDE). the installation was quick & can now see few processes with the name eraagent on the system.

this was done for testing purposes & now i wish to uninstall the same, but do not know how to do it.

cannot see the application listed in the installed software, so i ran the command

./PROTECTAgentInstaller.sh -uninstall

but this only reinstalls the sw. need urgent help to remove it.

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finally figured out the way to uninstall. took some help from linux mint forum also.

the installation folder /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent had a setup folder which had a uninstall.sh file and that did my job. sw removed completely.

but i guess, eset should provide instructions to do this. i could not find way to uninstall the agent on website. not everyone is a linux expert. neither am i.

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