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recently blocked applications or devices

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Guest Tansan


I have a question.

I looked the option "recently blocked applications or devices" and there was a blocked device with an external IP adress. I checked my router for some loggins but nothing strange.

How is that possible and is eset creating some LogFiles where can i watch it again?

Sorry for my terrible english!

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If you are referring to the Firewall troubleshooting wizard, only the communication blocked in last hour is remembered which is enough since the wizard provides an easy option to ublock the desired communication in the event of network communication issues.

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Guest Tansan

Yes exactly "Firewall troubleshooting" was what i meant.  Okay, so no Log-Files.

My other question is, why the firewall was blocked the connection, i remember that was showing me

IP: 192.168.132.xx

and the device was

Hon Hai Precision

So my internal IP range is 192.168.178.xx, because of that i think 192.168.132.xx is an external IP.

The device is just a company name. I thinking about it is maybe my wireless-card in my HP-Laptop what was creating some  connection, but i dont know.

For me it is strange.



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Hon Hai Precision is associated with Foxconn; a huge Taiwan based computer component manufacture.

And it appears your assumption that the network activity is HP based is correct. In this posting: https://forum.glasswire.com/t/is-hon-hai-precision-ind-co-ltd-a-threat/6359/3 , the network activity was associated with IP addresses assigned to HP wireless printers. Also note that IP address in the 192.168.xxx.xxx range are private IP addresses and not route-able on the Internet: https://www.arin.net/reference/research/statistics/address_filters/

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