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MSI 1923 Error When Installing Eset Smart Security

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Hello, when I try to install Eset Smart Security it is failing. I receive the MSI 1923 error. I ran the troubleshooter after and it doesn't seem to help. I've ran the full scan and there were 0 issues detected. I made sure the user has full permissions. I also made sure that all Windows updates were properly installed. I ran the Eset Log Collector and will attach the appropriate ESET Log Collector logs. Thank you for any guidance in resolving this issue!


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Adding ESET Log Collector logs
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Hello, I was able to solve this issue by downloading and running CCleaner and fixing some issues with the registry. Once I did that, restarted, and tried to install ESET again it worked successfully. This post can be marked as solved and/or deleted. Thank you!

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