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Ransomware Protection included in Home Office Security Pack?

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Guest TripleK


Which ESET Product protects against ransomware attacks? According to ESET Website ESET Smart Security Premium protects against it BUT

We have an Home Office Security Pack, it includes ESET Endpoint Security für Windows and ESET File Security für Microsoft Windows Server. Do those two ESET products also protect against ransomware, or do we need an upgrade?


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All ESET products contain Ransomware shield and Network protection to protect you also from RDP attacks. The only exception is ESET NOD32 Antivirus which doesn't contain Network protection.

For maximum protection I'd recommend using ESET Smart Security Premium which will have a new protection feature added in v15 that will substantially improve protection from malware in untrusted files.

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Guest TripleK

Hi Marcos,

thank you for your reply. Is ESET Smart Security Premium available in a bundle like the Home Office Security Pack? 


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