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Why can't I receive Reset Password email for my lost password

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I got some troubles with firewall(It's fixed now) and I uninstalled Eset Smart security before.

I forgot my password to logon to my Eset Smart Security Premium account. I’ve attempted to reset the password several times, but I never receive the ‘reset password’ email in order to do so. I’ve checked my Spam and Junk Mail folders and they aren’t showing up there either.  Please send the ‘reset password’ link to the email provided with this message, which corresponds to the email address on the account. 

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There were 2 emails sent to your email address yesterday:

To sXXXXXX5@pXXXXXXXXl.comFrom info@product.eset.com
Subject 帐户已激活 - myESET
Delivered 2021/08/03 2:31am UTC+00:00
Message ID vI4WlMsNSneP4_SZXwQdXg.filterdrecv-6fb7d6bd66-kqpht-1-6108AA78-CE.0
Sending IP Address
Do you receive other Chinese emails to this email address alright? I can change the password for you and send it to you in a private message. Then you would change it to your liking.
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excuse me,there is something wrong in my account,I got the 1 star free trial period by sharing referral link  before, but after I logged in, it asked me to provide license key and the process cannot pass,this is so strange. What's the matter with my account?

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