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go.eset.com’s server IP address could not be found.

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Tried the update, every attempt fails


module update failed

product update failed


Windows 10 pc


yet if I go to tor, I get support in german


How do I get the client to work ?

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There is either a problem with DNS resolution or a firewall is blocking ESET. If you can browse the Internet alright, it must be that a firewall or something prevents ESET from reaching the Internet.

Please enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support, reboot the machine, attempt to update, disable logging and finally collect logs with ESET Log Collector. You can upload the generated archive here if not too big.

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When I enter go.eset.com in Firefox, I am redirected to my Eset in-country web site. As such, this URL has nothing to do with Eset product updating.

EIS/ESS has a default firewall firewall rule that allows all inbound/outbound network traffic for ekrn.exe. Verify you haven't created additional firewall rules that override the ekrn.exe default firewall rule.

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