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Automatic Updates Don't Work


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i'm using the trial version of nod32 antivirus and i'm very disappointed because the planned updates don't work.

The icon in the systray turns on itself but the update of the virus signatures doesn't work.


On the other hand, if I manually click on the Update button, it works fine.


What could I do?


Thanks :mellow:

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Do you mean that your ESET Antivirus doesn't update automatically even if you leave the computer on for 1-2 hours? If you right-click an update task in Scheduler and select Run now, does ESET update?

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Yes that's what I mean.


But I've just set the Windows firewall so that it accepts Eset antivirus and changed some options in the advanced configuration part and now the Automatic update seems to work.

If I right-click on the task in scheduler and select run now, the icon doesn't turn on itself but in the Scheduler the "last execution" part tells that it worked.

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I've got an issue with planned updates : I set the task to update the virus signatures at each startup of Windows, and when I start the system in the morning the update doesn't work.


If I reboot the computer just after, it works fine.


What's the problem?


Thank you so much... ;)

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