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Taskbar icon shows "product update in progress" continually

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Best I could find; scroll down to policy for windows home products. But there's also info on how they number product versions if you're interested


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On 9/1/2021 at 9:16 PM, Marcos said:

This has been discussed recently. Updates are run with as low priority as possible so if other processes and tasks take a lot of CPU resources, the update may take several minutes. We've seen cases when it took 20 minutes.

If you want to investigate what is taking your CPU resources, please create an advanced operating system log from time when it's manifesting (adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics -> enable adv. OS logging).

As I've mention elsewhere the updates seem a lot quicker for me as of late. However right now I am seeing Eset is updating itself according to the icon (spinning disk and says so when hovering over it). However I watched the update myself and it finished fine with eset showing the correct update time for the last update. Running an update manually also shows there are no updates but the icon still shows as updating

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A while back I recall an answer to the problem of continually spinning ESET icon showing update in progress when it isn't.   The solution that worked for me was:   Open ESET>Setup>Advanced Setup (lower right corner)>Update>Under Basic - clear the update cache>click OK>Restart your computer and all should be well.   Hopefullly!

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It might have something to do with interrupting the 1st time scan. The graphical glitch (P_EESW-7609) should be addressed in v15.

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