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EBA Devices reconnect again and again

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I found that some devices ESET Endpoint Antivirus version are 6.5, so I Deactivate them. But soon, these devices have been connected back to EBA. How can I do for that do not see them again in EBA?

I did not find these devices in ESET PROTECT(ESMC). 


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  • ESET Staff
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Hello @bencho, this issue might be caused by several reasons (e.g., your endpoints might use agent without connection to management server, however, it still tries to reactivate product locally) and it need to be investigated properly.

Could you please describe (just copy the upper description) and send your issue to ESET Customer Care? Our support specialists will take care about this promptly.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, do you recognize the devices by name? One of the options is that you have a leaked license, meaning what is recommended is to contact your ESET Representative to reset your license credentials, and reactivate all of your devices again.

Also, I see that the license has been activated by "key" (insertion of the license key into the application) per the icon next to "Activated by" column. How was the license added to your ESET PROTECT server? By Key, or by entering EBA credentials? 

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I use ESET PROTECT to create the All-in-one installer, and user can use it to install ESET Endpoint product & report to ESET PROTECT. I select the license in the All-in-one installer.


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