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Questions about Connected Home and Public Networks

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I am a user of ESET internet security and recently got an alert for "Duplicate IP addresses found on my network." I have been using an unsecured hotel wifi network for the past few days out of necessity, but upon receiving the duplicate IP warning I disconnected. I ran multiple full & in-depth scans of my device and haven't come up with anything, so I think my device is clean for the time being.

I was however snooping around the ESET tools and settings to try to see if I could find any irregularities. I have never used the connected home feature before, and it doesn't seem like it should've applied to my time using the public hotel network. When connected, it says that the network is public and that the tool won't work. All good there.

However, when DISCONNECTED from the public network there are tons of unknown devices and foreign computers/devices under the "uncategorized devices" section in the detailed view panel. All of these devices were last seen while I was using the public network. There is even blocked traffic from a few of them.

Is this normal? Under my limited understanding, I thought that connected home only displays devices connected to a home/trusted network. Is this a possible sign that the unsecured network I was using was compromised? Or that my own computer/settings are compromised? Additionally, I have disconnected from the unsecured network and do not plan on reconnecting - is this enough to protect myself going forward?


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When connected to a public network such as the hotel wi-fi network you are using, it is imperative that Eset's Public network profile be used.

Perform the "ipconfig" solution shown in this article: https://support.eset.com/en/kb3430-identical-ip-addresses-detected-in-network , and see if that resolves the duplicate IP address issue.

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My issue is that I am fairly certain the public wifi setting was chosen, and yet devices still apear on the "uncategorized devices" section of connected home.

And as for the ipconfig solution, would that be the safest solution if the duplicate IP address is on a public network and not a private one?

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3 hours ago, Papillon said:

My issue is that I am fairly certain the public wifi setting was chosen, and yet devices still apear on the "uncategorized devices" section of connected home.

You should not use the Eset Connected Home feature if the Eset Network Protection profile is set to Public. You will receive an alert from the Eset GUI about this with the advice to switch to the Home/Office network profile. The reason for this alert is what you are experiencing; the population of all devices currently connected to the Hotel's router.

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