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Is it possible to use the same ESET-license on another laptop (with more recent Windows 10)?

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Guest Hermen

Hi there,


I have an old laptop HP Pavillion with an Old OS (windows 7). But my newly ordered Eset will not be fully protecting it.

As i also recently have a VAIO Sony laptop with Windows 10 on it, (but NO Eset on  it yet!), I thought to make use of the license that is based on this OLD laptop.

Is this somehow possible or do i have to order a new license again based on the Sony IP address? Many thanks for any answer in advance.

best regards





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Yes, you can if you uninstall ESET from the former laptop. It must be connected to the Internet or you can free the license via the License manager at my.eset.com before you activate ESET on the new laptop.

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