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MDM Connection Problem After Upgrading Server

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Here is a problem:

I have an ESET PROTECT server on physical hardware running Windows Server 2012 R2. The time had came to upgrade the server. I've made an P2V conversion of the server and put it on Hyper-V. Then I've made an inpalce upgrade of the Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2019. After that I've shut down the old physical server, and brought online the new VM. after dealing with some minor problems, such as Apache Tomcat service had to be re-registered, the ESET PROTECT server appears to function normally, the endpoint communicating with the server and so on. The only issue is mobile devices. Although I can push a wakeup requests to the devices, can lock/unlock them, request for configurations, location etc., and it's all works fine. But the "Last Connected" timestamp stuck on the date before the server replacement and not changing. If I'm shutting down the new server and starting up the old one - the devices communicating with him instantly.

Obviously I've checked the communication part (IP address, external and internal remains the same, of course), Firewall rules etc. Any ideas?

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  • ESET Staff

Management of MDM service, and also propagation of mentioned last connection times is handled by so called managing AGENT, which is actually ESET Management Agent installed on the same server as is MDM. So please double check that there is actually and ESET Management Agent installed and running, and especially whether it is correctly connecting to EP server.

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