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Blocked traffic and unknown device in network

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2 hours ago, neodrago1324 said:

So basically the original problem with blocked traffic form svchost.exe still occurs,

Eset is blocking incoming SSDP; i.e. uPnP, requests from the router.

By definition, your router is not considered a trusted network connection by Eset and rightfully so, since it is your external Internet interface. Your solutions to this are as follows:

1. Disable uPNP on your router. Doubtful it is used for anything significant by the router. Could break something network-wise however.

2. Disable the Windows SSDP service. First stop the service, then disable it. This is what I have done with no network connectivity issues encountered.

3. Open Eset Networking Wizard and select the "Unblock" tab. Eset will auto create a permissive firewall rule to allow the SSDP connection. Since a permissive rule was created, you will have to verify that the created rule only allows incoming UDP protocol port 1900 network traffic for svchost.exe with a remote IP address of

Note: this option is a security risk. If the router is hacked, the attacker has unimpeded access to your device and home network via port 1900.

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